Do you ship Internationally ?

Yes we offer Free & Insured tracking globally.

How long is the shipping process ?

Orders will take 1-3 business days for processing, afterwards shipping will be take an estimated  9 - 12 business days.


When will I receive my tracking number ?

You will receive your tracking number via email in 1-3 business days


How come there is no information showing up when I put my tracking number in? 

Tracking numbers can take time to update, a portion of our distribution centers are located internationally and tracking numbers may not show location until received by an American distribution center.

You may also contact the USPS Customer Service for more information on your order once your package departs our distribution center we have no control over how fast your order takes to arrive.

I only received part of my order, where is the rest ? 

We have multiple distributions centers across the country and internationally, your entire order is still in transit and will arrive 1-2 days after your first package.

How do I exchange/return an order ?

If you receive your package and are unsatisfied or does not fit quite right email us  at shopgrvy@gmail.com or message us on IG @grvywear and will provide information on how to proceed.

How do I become a GRVY Ambassador ?

We are always looking for new representation for our brand please give the link below a read and follow instructions provided